Exclusive Coaching Program:
Implement This Diamond Director's Secret Playbook for Network Marketing Success

Enjoy More Customers, More Distributors, More Profits, and Life-Changing Residual Income
Using This Proven, Easily Duplicatable, 7-Figure Network Marketing Framework

If you dream of enjoying true financial freedom, earning a seven-figure income, and having significantly more free time but find that, so far, it's a struggle...

...listen up - because this could be the most important message you ever read...

Does this sound familiar?
You still aren't experiencing the success you dreamed of when you first launched your business
Growth has leveled out and you can't break through to that next-level income no matter what you do
You're confused by the different moving parts in your business and despite putting in a lot of effort are seeing only minimal results
Results are inconsistent, you don't have a proven, predictable, consistent roadmap for growth, or feel fully in control of your business
Even if you did, somehow, stumble into success and top-level income, you're not absolutely sure you'd know how to maintain it
But imagine for a moment how radically your results would change if you had…
The 2-Step Solution

So you knew exactly what to do to grow your business – using a more professional, more reliable, more strategic process that generates predictable, consistent, sustainable results.
…and had the professional expertise and support you need to implement those ideas.
A Reliable, Proven Framework for Growing Your Business
A business-building framework that has a proven track record of success and has been repeatedly used to build seven-figure network marketing businesses

In multiple different niches

In multiple different industries

Across several decades


A Professional Coach Helping You Implement Those Processes

A professional entrepreneur coach working with you (or you and your entire team) over several months, and using a carefully formulated coaching program to help you implement these processes throughout your business…
Hi, I’m Cliff Walker…
7-figure annual income earner, 20-year network marketing veteran, and author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today BestsellerFrom Striving to Thriving – A New Model for Network Marketing Success
As one of the leading experts in network marketing, a lot of people assume that I’m a natural who instantly found success and rose through the ranks to become a multi-million dollar earner.
Well, let me set the record straight…
I was NOT an overnight success. In fact, my initial experience of network marketing was one of total frustration
Before becoming a network marketer, I was a successful senior corporate executive, working for some of the biggest companies in the UK, and a six-figure management consultant.
And, after discovering the mind-blowing possibilities of network marketing, I quit my six-figure consultancy role and became a full-time network marketer.
When I saw that my sponsor was making an incredible $3 million a year doing what he did, I was absolutely confident that, doing it my way, I could make $6 million…After all, I was a sales professional who’d trained and developed global sales teams
But, instead, to the horror of me and my wife, my income nose-dived.
I knew the money was there, I knew others who were amazingly successful…but I just couldn’t make it work. Something was missing. Luckily I learned what that something was. And once I did, my earnings soared

How I Became

a Top-Earner in a Matter of Months…

After my initial failure, I quickly realized what was missing…

To generate a large and predictable income, I had to create processes that were reliable, easily duplicatable, profitable, and delivered consistent results.

And, instead of spending years or even decades of painstaking trial and error trying to reinvent the wheel…

…I used my corporate knowledge to model successful network marketers, like my sponsor who was pulling in $3 million a year.

I discovered certain things that the most consistently successful network marketers focused on, key aspects that went into creating their thriving network marketing business.

…the largely unconscious actions they took that reliably brought them more customers, more distributors, more prospects, and more money…but were difficult or impossible for them to articulate.

I watched everything they did that drove real results, broke it down, distilled it to its essence, analyzed it, formalized it, molded it into a repeatable process, and finally assembled it into a model for success.

The result was a comprehensive 6 module framework that systematized every aspect of creating and running a profitable network marketing business.

And when I began to apply this framework to my own business, I began to see truly amazing results.

Now, my early failure was replaced with consistent success.

I quickly became the top earner at my first network marketing company, Euphony, grew a team of 100,000 distributors, and earned millions of dollars in commissions

Later, using the same framework, I…

  • Joined a fuel savings company, Fuel Freedom International, where I became top earner in the UK, top earner in Europe, and one of the top ten income earners globally
  • Joined a Florida-based anti-aging company, became a top earner, and earned millions of dollars in commission every year

Today, I’m a 7-figure annual income earner…and, using my business-building framework, I’ve managed to maintain this success and income consistently for years.

Now, for the first time, I’m ready to share my entire framework with people outside my immediate circle…


First, let me tell you some more about this framework and why it is so consistent in producing results.

‘The Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing
A New Model for Network Marketing Success…
20 Years in the Making
The ‘Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing‘ focuses on what I call the ‘Six Master Tasks’, the six key elements that go into creating a thriving network marketing business that succeeds over the long term.
Each of the 6 Master Tasks is incredibly effective by itself, but, together, they’re greater than the sum of their parts and create even greater business-building momentum.
And the true power of the ‘Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing‘ is that it’s a clear, efficient, easily duplicatable framework for succeeding at all six of these Master Tasks…allowing you to experience more professional, more consistent results.

A Peek Behind the Curtain at the 6 Master Tasks

Establish a clear game plan that provides overall focus and direction for your business
Establish an effective method of operation that enables you to build a motivated distributor team and acquire loyal customers
This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Team Development

Create a powerful process for enrolling high-quality prospects and developing them into committed and productive distributors who stay engaged for the long term


Develop independent leaders at every level to drive business growth


Create an achievement culture that engages people and permeates every level of your sales organization

In my framework, each of these Master Tasks is also broken down further into their own framework of 60 subtasks…
…to create a comprehensive business-building framework that offers the level of granular detail which can enable you to create a world-class network marketing organization and enjoy consistent success.

Jerry Campisi

Multi-Million-Dollar Earner in Network Marketing


Cliff is one of the most knowledgeable and proficient leaders in the industry. Unlike most who do trainings and seminars and write manuals, books, and courses, but have never been in the trenches Cliff has actually made substantial income doing the business. He’s the real deal, and there are only a few like him in the world.

Jeff Mack

Multi-million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing


I have worked with Cliff for over 5 years and known him for over 15. Cliff is a professional with integrity and a true international networker.

His knack for setting up systems and processes help make duplication

a reality for his team.

Ellen Williams

Networker and Six-Figure Annual Income Earner,
Cliff Walker exemplifies all of the best qualities of a leader in network marketing! Cliff is a true professional, someone with incredible integrity and humility. I feel honored to work alongside and have access to a seven-figure income earner and mentor.
Armed With These 6 Master Tasks You’ll Have…
  • Deep Understanding – A full grasp of network marketing and the key drivers of profit and growth in your business
  • Clear Goals – Know the size and type of network marketing business you need to build to achieve your income, lifestyle, and time goals
  • A Reliable System For Generating Customers – Find customers and easily convert them from one-time purchasers into loyal, repeat buyers
  • A Predictable Process For Generating Team Members – Consistently find high-quality prospects, present your opportunity, and successfully enroll them into your team
  • An Effective Method for Boosting Productivity – Create a productive, inspired, engaged team that sticks around for the long term.
  • A System for Exponential GrowthEmpower team members to lead their own teams so you can rapidly scale your organization and income
  • Easily-Duplicatable Processes – Reliable, consistent, easily-duplicatable systems that maximize the return on your investment of time and effort and allow you to methodically scale your business
  • Confidence – Know exactly what you need to do every day to create enormous network marketing income and exponential business growth
  • …and more

In summary, the 'Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing' lets you enjoy...

More Income & Long-Term Success

Higher earnings and larger streams of passive and residual income by generating more customers and more distributors

A business able to support exponential growth and produce long-term business success

A business that runs like clockwork, that's easier to manage and allows you to enjoy true time freedom.

Symbolization is an important definition for this perspective. The cultural perspective involves the identity of symbols. The uses of words that are related to the image, the use of heroes in the image, etc. are the symbolization of the image.

“These systems created momentum and supported our leaders in growing their teams both in the UK and Internationally. As a leader, as a coach, and as a sponsor, Cliff is one of the top, one of the best of the best, and I believe he has a deep understanding of our industry. If you are looking to work with Cliff, I am sure you will learn massively and derive great benefits from his focus and incredible work habits.”
Geoff Liberman — €17m and growing in the MLM industry
  • Deep Understanding – A full grasp of network marketing and the key drivers of profit and growth in your business
  • Clear Goals – Know the size and type of network marketing business you need to build to achieve your income, lifestyle, and time goals
  • A Reliable System For Generating Customers – Find customers and easily convert them from one-time purchasers into loyal, repeat buyers
  • A Predictable Process For Generating Team Members – Consistently find high-quality prospects, present your opportunity, and successfully enroll them into your team
  • An Effective Method for Boosting Productivity – Create a productive, inspired, engaged team that sticks around for the long term.
  • A System for Exponential GrowthEmpower team members to lead their own teams so you can rapidly scale your organization and income
  • Easily-Duplicatable Processes – Reliable, consistent, easily-duplicatable systems that maximize the return on your investment of time and effort and allow you to methodically scale your business
  • Confidence – Know exactly what you need to do every day to create enormous network marketing income and exponential business growth
  • …and more
How You Can Implement This Framework and
Transform Your Network Business…..
Cliff’s help and guidance has enabled me as a first-timer in the industry to build a team of tens of thousands of people all around the world and to create a six-figure residual income in under two years, all while working part-time from home and enjoying total time freedom”
Ellen Williams — First-Time Networker and Six-Figure Annual Income Earner, Australia
What Makes Our Coaching Program Different?

Let’s be clear…

The thing that’s holding you back from achieving your network marketing dreams…

isn’t that you need a cheerleader to spur you on

It isn’t that you need to rub shoulders with a 7-figure earner and wait for some special stardust to touch you

And it isn’t that you need a few general tips about how to be ‘more charismatic’ or get over your shyness talking to prospects before you can reach the next level.

(If you’ve tried a network marketing coaching program before then, unfortunately, you already know that that’s what almost all of them focus on!)

Instead, you need precise knowledge about what to do to reliably drive growth in your business and extensive support to put that knowledge into practice.

…which is exactly what our coaching programs provide…

Coaching Program Syllabus

To help you implement 'The Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing' we invested more than a year developing detailed, step-by-step coaching programs that methodically walk you through the process of putting this framework into practice in your business quickly, and effectively.

Of course, we recognize that not everybody's needs or primary focus are the same, which is why we provide a choice of

3 exclusive network marketing coaching programs

…with each course tailored to suit different priorities of network marketing entrepreneurs but all built off of my proven framework for building seven-figure businesses

Support of Certified, Award-Winning Entrepreneur Coaches

Our coaching programs are delivered by a team of coaches with an extensive track record of helping entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs to succeed, led by our award-winning head coach Bea Fields.

As well as working through the core coaching program syllabus, you'll also benefit from their vast coaching experience as they help you stay accountable throughout the process, gain more perspective on your goals and visions, become more confident as a business owner, and capitalize more fully on your strengths.

And, as part of the coaching programs, you'll also receive my personal support for any additional questions you have about the framework or help you need in implementing it.
Introducing Our Three Exclusive
Network Marketing Coaching Programs

Coaching Program 1

'From Striving To Thriving'

14-Week VIP Coaching Program

As the only one of our coaching programs that provides a complete overview of the entire framework and all Six of the Master Tasks, this is the best way to gain a thorough grasp of everything that goes into making a thriving network marketing business.

And, to help you see results fast, this program focuses on fast, high-impact implementation.


Your coach will walk you through the process of identifying the one area that will make the largest impact on your business in each of the 6 Master Tasks…and then guide you through implementing that part of the framework successfully.

Here’s What We Cover…
Week 1
Introductory Call & Assessment
During the first week, you'll have an introductory call with your coach where you'll discuss where you are today in your business, what got you here, your goals for the future, and the outcomes you're hoping to achieve with coaching.
Week 2 & 3
You'll focus on clarifying your business goals and overall strategy.
Week 4 & 5
Daily Method of Operation
You'll strengthen your daily plan of action, helping you to consistently generate more prospects, customers, and distributors.
Week 6 & 7
Personal Growth and Training
You'll improve the knowledge and effectiveness of you and your team by filling knowledge gaps, capitalizing on your strengths, and growing as confident, productive entrepreneurs
Week 8 & 9
Team Development
You'll focus on developing your team into motivated, committed, long-term distributors
Week 10 & 11
You'll work on helping your team members develop as independent leaders who are able to effectively run their own sales organization, thereby increasing your downline and opening up the possibility of exponential business growth
Week 12 & 13
During the final two weeks, you'll focus on improving your organization's culture, empowering you and your team members with a sense of confidence and pride, and fostering more success at every level of your team.

Coaching Program 2

'Strategy Deep Dive'

11-Week VIP Coaching Program

Perhaps more than anything else, strategy is the cornerstone of network marketing success, which is why “Strategy” is the first of the Six Master Tasks.

Why is strategy so vital for your network marketing success?

Because strategy…

provides you with a clear focus and direction for your business

provides you with a game plan or roadmap to help you accomplish your goals and reach a destination

prevents you from becoming sidetracked, distracted, or wasting time on tactics that don’t move you closer to the finish line

…and a clear strategy informs literally every other decision you make in your business, acting as a benchmark for how you should proceed and a barometer for measuring your progress.

It’s because of the vital importance of strategy, that we’ve designed an intensive, deep-dive coaching program dedicated entirely to Master Task #1: Strategy…to help you develop a world-class knowledge of network marketing strategy and, more importantly, put that into place in your business…all in just 11 weeks.

Working in collaboration with one of our hand-picked, professionally-certified entrepreneur coaches, week by week you’ll explore each of the 10 Strategy Subtasks.

You’ll learn what they are, how they impact your business, and how to implement successfully in all 10 of these areas, to build a strategy that accomplishes your personal income goals and drives meaningful results in your business.

Here’s What We Cover…
Week 1
Introductory Call & Assessment
During this call, you and your coach will talk about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. You'll also take part in a 'Personal Assessment' which will help your coach tailor the rest of the program and their support specifically to you, your needs, and your business.
Week 2
Core Values
You'll identify the beliefs and values at the core of your business, professional, and personal life, and how to use them to guide your behavior and decision-making.
Week 3
You’ll spend time discovering the reason you’re in business, what you want to achieve both in the near future and long-term, and, by the end of week three, you’ll be able to articulate this clearly in a powerful "purpose statement".
Week 4
Having established your purpose, you'll spend week four fleshing it out into a clear, compelling vision of your desired future and then learn how to communicate it in a way that attracts customers and team members and inspires them to join in the journey.
Week 5
Life Priorities
You'll focus on developing your team into motivated, committed, long-term distributors
Week 6
Core Skills
Week six focuses on taking an inventory of your core skills as a business person, entrepreneur, and leader, identifying the strengths you have that can act as a competitive advantage, and implementing a plan for closing any knowledge gaps that will hold you back from your desired level of success.
Week 7
You'll examine the marketplace you operate in, identify the target audience most suited to your offering, and create a focused marketing strategy for communicating with that audience in a way that attracts higher-quality leads, more productive team members, and loyal, long-term customers.

Week 8
Key Resources
You'll take an inventory of the tangible and intangible resources that are key to your business's success, learn how to capitalize on the resources you currently have at your disposal, and create a plan for acquiring any essential resources you're missing.
Week 9
Key Relationships
Week nine focuses on the relationships that can directly or indirectly impact the success of your business. You'll learn how to establish strong relationships with people you want to work with and how to strengthen your existing internal and external relationships.
Week 10
You'll work alongside your coach to develop an easily duplicatable system for attracting high-quality customers and team members that fits the specifics of your overall goals, your market, and your organization and will allow you to establish significant market share.
Week 11
This final week is focused on developing a twelve-month action plan for implementing your business strategy effectively, in a way that makes day-to-day management of your organization simpler, allows you to grow your business methodically and with purpose, and allows you to create a thriving network marketing home business.

Coaching Program 3

'Daily Method Of Operation'

Deep-Dive 12 Week Coaching Program

As a network marketer who wants to build a successful sales organization, one that generates a six or seven-figure income consistently, reliably, and over the long-term, an effective “Daily Method of Operation” (DMO) is your best friend.

What is a DMO?

Think of it as a “to-do list” on steroids. It is a schedule of high-impact, high-leverage tasks that you need to do every day in your business to grow in size, productivity, and income.


  • keeps you focused on those activities that are important to your business and drivers of real growth
  • allows you to marshal your resources, act with purpose, and significantly increase your productivity, by investing your time and effort on activities that bring the greatest long-term return instead of low-level “busy work”
  • provides structure to your workday and your professional life — helping you to manage your day more effectively and create a better work-life balance
  • creates consistency in your business — by following a consistent plan of action every day — which will help you see predictable results

Creating an effective, purpose-driven DMO is an absolutely vital step that every network marketer needs to make in order to transform from a “network marketing hobbyist” into a legitimate professional — someone who is able to build a large sales organization, generate a high income, and maintain success over the long-term.

And so, to help you, we’ve created a 12-week coaching program specifically focused on Master Task Two, Daily Method of Operation.

Working in collaboration with your coach, you will create and implement a Daily Method of Operation in your business – and not just any DMO but one that is custom-designed to suit you, your goals, your business, and whatever time constraints you have.

By the end of this coaching program, you’ll have in place the exact “rinse and repeat” daily plan of action that will help you build your team of productive Distributors, acquire loyal, long-term customers, and methodically grow your income.

Here’s What We Cover…
Week 1
Introductory Call & Assessment
During this call, you'll talk with your coach about the current state of your business, what (if any) DMO you have in place, what activities you've been focusing on in trying to grow your business, where you want to be in the future and how a new, more focused DMO can help you get there. You'll also take part in a 'Personal Assessment' which will help your coach tailor the rest of the program and their support specifically to you, your needs, and your business.
Week 2
You'll create a professional home office or workspace that's clean, well-organized, efficient, and free of distractions — a positive work environment that increases your productivity.
Week 3
You'll identify how much time you can invest in building your business each week, commit this to your diary, and learn stress-free time management strategies for dealing with interruptions, overcoming procrastination, and getting more done in less time.
Week 4
You'll spend week four incorporating into your business and daily workflow cutting-edge technology for effectively marketing your product offerings and opportunity …for communicating with prospects, leads, customers, and team members in a faster, more engaging way…and for gathering analytics data to help you optimize your business.
Week 5
You'll identify tools for building your professional reputation, increasing customer and team satisfaction, managing your finances, and prospecting more effectively — and discover which to invest in to support the growth of your business.
Week 6
You'll develop a daily plan of action filled with high-impact activities that helps you become more focused, make solid business decisions, and consistently progress towards your business and income goals.
Week 7
You'll establish an effective process for reaching your target market and filling your pipeline with an ongoing flow of high-quality prospects.
Week 8
You'll develop an easily-duplicatable system for following up with prospects, building strong relationships, and reliably moving customers and team members closer to "yes"
Week 9
In week nine, you’ll design and implement a powerful method for promoting products both on- and off-line that’ll set you apart from competitors, create word-of-mouth buzz, continuously attract new customers, and lay the foundation for long-term customer loyalty.
Week 10
You'll build a process for successfully enrolling new distributors, create an emotionally compelling enrolment presentation, understand how to filter out low-quality potential business partners, and know exactly what to do to successfully "kickstart" your new relationships.
Week 11
You'll develop a plan for increasing the size and frequency of return orders, growing customer loyalty, maximizing product consumption, and attracting more of your ideal customers by becoming 'your own best customer' — a business owner with deep knowledge of your products and services and a passion that transforms you into an inspiring, engaging, and persuasive "walking billboard for your business".
Week 12
Single Daily Action
This final week is focused on taking your newly-created DMO and narrowing it down into a single daily action (SDA), helping you to identify the single most important action you must take each day to move your business forward.

Here’s What You’ll Receive As A Coaching Client…

45 Minute Coaching Calls
Throughout your coaching program, you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one support from one of our hand-picked professionally-certified entrepreneur coaches in the form of 45-minute long coaching calls. During week one, you’ll take part in an introductory coaching call and personal assessment, to provide your coach with the information they need to tailor the program to you and your business needs. The rest of the coaching program will follow the weekly syllabus of your particular coaching program. During each coaching call, you and your coach will…
  • Explore your answers to the coaching workbook prompt questions
  • Discuss the precise action steps you need to take to successfully implement
  • Agree on the upcoming week’s fieldwork
  • Recap the progress you’ve made over the previous week
  • Talk about any roadblocks or setbacks you’ve faced and brainstorm solutions
  • …and more
(Valued at $500 per coaching call)

Weekly Coaching Workbook

You’ll receive your relevant coaching program workbook…
The 150-page ‘From Striving to Thriving’ Coaching Journal
The 79-page ‘Strategy’ Coaching Workbook
or the X-page ‘Daily Method of Operation’ Coaching Workbook
These are week-by-week journals that guide you along every step of the coaching process, providing the order, structure, and self-insight necessary to fully benefit from our coaching.
Each week provides…
  • Intake and Prompt Questions for gaining clarity on the current state of affairs and health of your business
  • Guidance on what to focus your attention on during that week so you stay on track
  • Fieldwork and action steps that help you transform ‘theory’ into practice and systematically implement the IBFNM framework
  • Weekly Reflection Questions that help you celebrate your wins, record the insights and breakthroughs you’ve experienced, and note down any challenges you’ve faced for additional support from your coach
  • Plenty of space to jot down key insights or ideas to explore with your coach or colleagues.
  • Guidance on how to make the most of your coaching time
  • …and more (Valued at $79)
6 Months Direct Email Access to Cliff Walker
After your coaching program, you’ll have a full six months of access to my personal email inbox so you can continue to ask questions, get support, and benefit from my decades of network marketing experience.
(Valued at $2000)
BONUS – Receive a FREE Copy of the

‘From Striving to Thriving’ Course

To help you become even more successful in your network marketing business…I’ve decided to provide all my coaching students with a FREE copy of the ‘From Striving to Thriving’ course.

This self-study course is the only place where I reveal my entire IBFNM framework, the process I’ve used to repeatedly achieve top-earner status and earn a seven-figure income as a network marketer.

This newly-released course (which currently retails for $497) uses a combination of videos and manuals to give you a thorough understanding of the IBFNM, from bird’s eye overviews to ‘down in the weeds’ nitty-gritty analysis of each subtask…

…and is the closest thing to being able to download my knowledge and experience as a seven-figure network marketer directly into your mind.

As part of this course, you’ll receive…

The 279-page 'Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing' Manual

The never-before-released-to-the-public 279-page network marketing Bible I created and have used to build multiple seven-figure network marketing organizations.

In this manual, I break down each of the 6 master tasks into minute detail, diving deep into all of the 60 subtasks that are necessary for extraordinary network marketing success

(Valued at $149)

'The Complete Framework' Video

We help create specialist portraits, develop ways of personnel training. We develop branding for new companies or rebrand products. Our advantages are company identity, packaging, brand auditing, copywriting, brandbooks, etc.

(Valued at $99)

The 'From Strivingt to Thriving' Video Course & Accompanying Worksheets

A 6-module, 60-minute video course focused on the first two Master Tasks — Strategy and Daily Method of Operation—the tasks that form the foundation of the entire framework and provide your business with long-term stability.

...plus 19 accompanying worksheets to help you take effective action in strengthening these areas of your business

(Valued at $497)

Exclusive Access to Our Private 'From Striving to Thriving' Community

Our exclusive back-office 'From Striving to Thriving' Community where you can ask questions, share new network marketing ideas and insights, or simply come and talk with other high-performance entrepreneurs when you're looking for that extra motivational push to reach the next level

(Valued at $129)

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What The Network Marketing Future You Could Enjoy Just Weeks From Today Looks Like…

Just imagine the confidence you’ll feel no longer grappling with doubts about what to do to improve your business…and instead having a clear, logical, easy-to-implement gameplan for business growth…

…one that has been repeatedly proven in the real world and that gives you everything you need to build your own seven-figure network marketing business.

Instead of wasting your time on high-effort, low-reward ‘busy work’…you’ll have a precise, strategic plan of action that means each and every hour you invest into your business will create real results—more customers, more prospects, more distributors—results that pay off today and will continue to pay in the future through residual income.

You’ll have created an incredible, successful network marketing organization that creates an impact, that gives you a sense of fulfillment, and that makes you proud to say “I’m a network marketing professional”

…And you’ll be well on your way to creating an income statement that silences the Network Marketing nay-sayers and a level of passive income that gives you time freedom your peers could only dream of.

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Testimonials ❤️
Lyn Flaherty

Network Marketing Professional

" Having over 30 years of sales experience, I’ve had the opportunity to be trained and mentored by those who are knowwn to be some of the most influential and successful leaders in the industry… ".
Moni Aurora
Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional
" I have had the pleasure of knowing Cliff as a colleague, a mentor and a close friend. His relentless drive and vision could climb the tallest mountain and take a million people with him. If you are… "
Steve Mitchell

Multi-million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

" Cliff was one of my original mentors, and has turned into one of my lifelong friends. Much of what I know about this business, and the considerable success I have enjoyed, I attribute to Cliff’s… "

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  • You’re already a top-earning Diamond Director with a proven, easily-duplicatable process that consistently brings results
  • You’re using network marketing as a hobby and aren’t interested in generating real wealth
  • You’re looking for an Abracadabra-style magic spell that’ll let you reach the pinnacle of network marketing success without putting in any work or effort
  • You prefer to ‘go it alone’ and figure things out for yourself…even if it takes you years of mistakes, constant frustration, and means you end up leaving money on the table
  • You don’t recognize the enormous opportunity of working with a seasoned business coach

Our Coaching Programs Are Perfect For You If…

You’re looking for a way to break through your plateau and enjoy next-level results

  • You’re tired of ‘making it up as you go along’ or relying on personality, hot sales streaks, or luck and want a framework that’s more reliable, more consistent, more strategic, and adds that much-needed professionalism to your business
  • You’ve been struggling with network marketing for months (or even years) and want to finally achieve the incredible results that others achieve
  • You understand the value of a repeatable framework that allows you to duplicate results and confidently reach your goals
  • You’re willing to invest a few hours in your business each week as long as you know that your effort will grow your income now and over the long term
  • You recognize the tremendous value of working with a professional entrepreneur coach who will guide you through the process of implementing this framework quickly, easily, and effectively, with minimum disruption…and also help hold you accountable so your investment of time, money, and effort pays off
  • You want customized support that will help you implement my framework in a way that suits the specifics of your business, your goals, your company, your market, and your product
  • You’re excited about the fact that in just weeks from today, you’ll have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to build your own seven-figure network marketing business, and will actually have begun to build an organization that will produce the financial and time freedom you desire

If any of this sounds like you, then you owe it to yourself to join our exclusive network marketing coaching today and experience the results for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend you begin with the ‘From Striving to Thriving’ 14-Week Coaching Program.

This is the only one of our three coaching programs that provides an overview of all Six of the Master tasks, which makes it an ideal place to start and gain a solid foundation in my business-building framework.

And, working with your coach, you’ll identify the single highest-impact change you can make to your business in each of the Six Master Tasks areas, helping you to focus on fixing the largest challenges you’ve been facing so far.

Not at all.

Although many of our students prefer to begin with the 14-week coaching program, if you already know that you have a significant issue with strategy or DMO and want to get this resolved asap, you may prefer to begin with one of our other coaching programs.


If you are particularly motivated to make rapid gains in your business, you can join all three coaching programs simultaneously.


We recognize that network marketing is a truly global business —In fact, throughout my 20-years experience as a top network marketing professional and trainer, I’ve worked with successful companies and team members from countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia— which is why we’ve taken every step to ensure our coaching programs are available to Network Marketers all across the globe.

So, no matter what time zone you’re in, we have professional coaches available to work with you and help you achieve your network marketing dreams!

15 minutes after signing up to the coaching program, you’ll receive an email that will welcome you into the coaching program and a link to schedule your first coaching call.

Physical copies of your Coaching Workbook and your bonus copy of the 279-page ‘Integrated Business Framework for Network Marketing’ will be instantly shipped straight to your door.

Yes. To help you get the most out of the coaching program, all of your coaching calls will be automatically recorded and download links for each call made available.

Although most coaching students prefer audio calls, if you prefer to do video calls, you’ll be able to arrange this with your coach.
You should expect to set aside around 3-5 hours a week to take part in your calls, complete the relevant parts of your coaching workbook, and implement the fieldwork and action steps.

Group coaching allows you to follow the coaching program along with your team members or business partners — giving you a way to on-board multiple members of your organization at the same time, speed up implementation, and create a synergistic success-focused team that can capitalize on the power of the IBFNM framework more fully.

To ensure a high standard of coaching, group coaching is limited to 6 people

After your coaching program, you’ll continue to receive direct email support from me, and ongoing access to the exclusive ‘From Striving to Thriving‘ community where you can ask questions, get support, and learn from fellow coaching students and our team.

You’ll also have the opportunity to join one of our other coaching programs and, upon request, we can arrange for you to work on a long-term basis with your coach.

Absolutely. We have a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If, after your first coaching call, you want to request a refund, simply send an email to support@cliffwalker.com

Still have questions?

Please talk to us

You can reach out to our team directly by clicking the live chat button on the right or send us an email support@cliffwalker.com

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